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Maldives Pension Administration Office


Maldives Pension Administration Office (MPAO) was established in 2009, to develop, implement and administer nationwide pension schemes.  MPAO is mandated under the Pension Act to manage pension fund of Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme (MRPS), pay state funded Old Age Basic Pension, to establish standards and guidelines of the schemes and carry out public awareness for scheme participants.


In addition to its pivotal role in the development of national social protection system, MPAO is in the forefront of the Maldives financial sector being the manager of the largest fund in the country. To proactively contribute in the development of finance sector, MPAO has initiated in hosting the ‘Maldives Finance Forum 2012”.


Maldives Pension Administration Office

Ameenee Magu, Male' 30379

Rep. of Maldives

Tel: +960 3309908

Fax: +960 3307759

Email: [email protected]


Vision & Mission

provide automated customer driven services

mainstream pension knowledge

facilitate innovation in pension products and services


Integrity, confidentiality and objectivity



Precise, concise, shared information and clarity



Simplicity, cutting edge technology and creativity


Work Ethics:

Team work, respect and learning culture



Responsibility, honesty, transparency and risk consciousness

Our Vision

"Achieving excellence in pension services and financial stability for a secure future"


Our Mission

Manage Pension fund in the best interest of the members through secure and diversified investments.

We endeavor to:






core values