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Maldives Pension Administration Office

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

9.55  am:  Recitation of Quran


10.00 am: Welcome & Introductory Remarks: Athifa Ali, Chairperson, Maldives Pension Administration Office


10.05 am: Keynote address by  Dr. Fazeel Najeeb, Governor, Maldives Monetary Authority


10.20 - 10.35 am: Tea Break


10.35 am: ‘Maldives Pension System, Governance, Investment Policy and Challenges’

Presented by Mohamed Hussain Maniku, Chief Executive Officer, Maldives Pension Administration Office


11.00 am: ‘Long-term Financing for Economic and Social Development - Role of Pension Fund’

Speaker: Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem,  Local Industry Expert


11.25 am: ‘Operation of Capital Markets and Financial Instruments’

Speaker: Dr. Susan Thomas, Assistant Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research


11.50 am: ‘Social Security - The Singapore Experience’

Presenter: Don Yeo, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Policy & Corporate Development, Singapore ,Central Provident Fund Board,


12.15 am - 01.30am: Lunch


01.30 pm - 03.30 pm: Panel Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Fazeel Najeeb, Governor, Maldives Monetary Authority, Baseer Wahab, Country Manager, Habib Bank Limited, Mohamed Ali Janah, President, Maldives Association of Construction Industry, Hon. Ahmed Mohamed, Minister of Economic Development, Ahmed Inaz, Former Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon. Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor- Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.



03.30 - 03.45 pm: Tea Break


03.45 pm: ‘Expectation by 2013’

Speaker: Jeremy Gadbury, Investment Expert, Maldives Pension Administration Office


04.10 pm: Close off


04.20 pm: Departure to Male’