The Future of Finance: Exploring the
Intersection of Fintech and AI
May 29, 2023 | Kurumba Maldives
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About the forum

10th Annual Finance Forum

The longest running annual event for leaders of the Maldives Finance Sector

Launched in 2012, the Maldives Finance Forum is an annual event organised by Pension Office to provide a platform for stakeholders and experts to discuss and deliberate on key issues relevant to the development of the financial sector in the Maldives. For this year's iteration of the forum, the proposed theme is “The Future of Finance: Exploring the Intersection of FinTech and AI”, with the aim to create dialogue on how FinTech and AI are shaping the future of finance, as well as explore the role they can play in the Maldives financial sector. It is expected to be a grand event with both international and local FinTech experts, and leaders of the Maldives Finance and Technology industries contributing to the forum.

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29 May 2023 | Kurumba Maldives
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